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“Tete-a-Tete” with the Team !

Meet the Directors for Whom This Company Was a “Dream Becoming a Realm”!

It is not only about generating ideas; rather it is about materializing them! Mustering up unique, novel and fresh ideas truly demands an aptitude but the implementation of those ideas is where the true struggle lies. Our directors have lived this dream to “make it big” as they have always believed in “making things happen.”

A cumulative experience in Petroleum, Geology, Geophysics and Oil/Gas exploration spanning more than 1 decades of tireless dedication and perseverance, Vaibhav Modi is currently serving as a director with Superior Worldwide. A dynamic professional and eminent innovator, Mr. Vaibhav Modi has been instrumental in giving shape to our dreams and has spearheaded the growth and success of our organization.

Mr. Anil Kumar Modi having a clear vision and mission to match his zeal and enthusiasm to grow the company. He wants to envision a business that allocates vital fuel to industries as well as cater to the current and emerging market demands for fuel. Leading, managing and planning are the key aspects of Mr. Anil’s role in the organization as a director. He continues to inspire people with his passion for excellence and a relentless spirit for perfection.

Putting work before anything else, Mr. Anil Kumar Modi is an innovator and an entrepreneur making impact with his superior work and foresight. His experience is a testament to the vast level of knowledge, skills and network that has helped give wings to the organization over the years. Mr. Anil Kumar Modi is an embodiment of strength, business acumen, expertise and deep market understanding. He has played a pivotal role in the expansion of Superior Worldwide and its diversification to different domains. A man of much respect and reverence, Mr. Anil Kumar Modi works proactively to bridge the gap between demand and supply of petroleum products and to envision the company at greater heights of success, leadership and innovation.

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